Coming home into a crystal clean house everyday may seem too ambitious, particularly when raising a toddler and always chasing the clock yourself.  I remember one of the ladies in my antenatal class telling us that when she told her mother she was pregnant the first thing she said was “my darling you‘re going to need a dish washer “we all laughed because our babies weren’t even born yet we were all still day dreaming of the baby smells and cute cuddles. hhmmmm….

It takes a village to raise a child, the people that are ready to support your family with anything, are definitely the people worth all the spoils of gratitude. Let me briefly share my support structure with you, Mama. I personally don’t have a full time nanny, because Sama goes to crèche and she has amazing teachers who absolutely find her to be a joy to have around all day from when she was only 8 months old. However, I do have a helper who assists me only domestically, she is the I mean she makes me question if I’d ever be able to shine my wine glasses that well lol… let alone sort Sama’s toys so neatly because Mama just throws the toys to pile in a box, those things don’t break she can dig inside to find whatever she wants if she really needs it lol… Then there is my mother (Gogo) and my sister (who works from home) who both adore my child so much that they get mad at me for skipping too many weekends without bringing her over, I never complain, I just ESCAPE *wink*  I won’t count my husband, he pretty much shares the same zombie struggles as mine.

While we should show gratitude throughout the year and maintain open and honest communication relationships with our nannies, I think unexpected gestures make things extra special.

Here are some of the ideas to help you and your  family make your nanny feel as special as she is. Make sure the kids are fully involved in this task.

1. Get crafty

This is a cost effective yet very personal way to makes someone feel special. Let the kids take a photo or do some print stamping and make a card, the older kids can even write her a thank you poem. This can be nicely frames and signed by everyone.

2. Prepare some spoils

Get the kids to help you prepare a breakfast in bed  for your nanny and spend the morning reflecting on the funny family moments experienced over the year. You could also treat her to a lunch out with the kids at her choice of restaurant, or keep things extra special with a family dinner shared around the table with your finest cutlery.

3. Give her time off

Book a day spa just for her to relax and recharge (she needs it just as much as you do) she has been stepping on that Lego all year long the foot massage is long overdue hahaha… this can be followed by a nice lunch with beautiful views and soft music in the background all by herself and later a salon visit for a hairdo and manicure. Remember it’s her day off so stop her from washing the dishes after dinner at home. She may look at you funny and insist, do not give in.


4. Gift basket

Make a gift basket, you must have a rough idea of what your nanny likes , get the kids to add an item or  two in the basket  and  watch them brag “I got you this one “ when you present the gift to her. What I also advise is that you add some of your favorite things, those that she always sees you eat or use yourself at home, this will make her feel extra special, it may include; cosmetics, flowers, chocolates and yes! That bottle of wine you like to treat yourself to every night must also make it to the basket lol.. she too must ESCAPE and the timing couldn’t be more perfect since it’s the holidays. If you suspect she doesn’t drink alcohol its okay, add it anyway someone back home will love it, I just think it’s a perfect employer-employee ice breaker like having a beer with your boss at the year-end function.

5. The Bonus

This one is a common practice in most families and chances are it is the most appreciated by our helpers too as it allows more spending flexibility. Last week during a work meeting my colleague spoke about how  instead of giving a bonus this year to her nanny she will be paying for her children’s school fees for 2019 and I told her this is such a brilliant idea. They might not quite feel the bonus but it surely will mean a lot to them come back to school in 2019.

And now, my favorite part; PRESENTING THE SURPRISE.  Once you have decided on your choice of surprise it’s very important that you present it with as much heart as you put preparing it, remember that since the nannies work independently there’s generally no employer to give daily feedback like you do at work during your appraisal season. This too is meant to boost morale, confidence and performance.

Make sure that the whole family is present when delivering the surprise and give each person a turn to share their personal words of gratitude. I can assure you that she will return back to work even  more devoted in her role and eager to take on the roller coaster ride once again.

I am curious to know what your normal practice is and what you will be you nanny surprise this year. Please do share on the comments below.

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