It’s summertime! The weather is warm and the kids will be out of school soon. This means it’s a time when some take vacations, enjoy the outdoors and relax, I too can’t wait!

Whether you are going away or staying at home here are some useful tips to stay sunsmart these holidays

1. Wear your Suncreen

I am sure most of you are saying, here she goes again going on about the usage of SPF, blah, blah, blah.

This is perhaps the most essential product at any time of the year but even more so in summer!

Here’s why: more than 80 % of aging is due to the direct effects of the sun on our skin. The sunrays damage the skin causing loss of elasticity, sagging skin with rough texture, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and skin cancer.Invest in a broadspectrum sunscreen , UVA/UVB SPF (30 or more) and  don’t forget to re-apply especially if you will be spending a lot of time outdoors or in water .You can also try the spray sunscreens , the kids love them.

My personal favorites are the Heliocare Gel SPF 50 for the face , Cetaphil ultra light lotion SPF 50 for the body and Eucerin kids Sun Lotion or Spray for kids.

2. Apply an Antioxidant

These are the skin’s bodyguards; they fight against free radicals which cause mayhem on our skin their role is to prevent and repair damage. My current favorite is the Obagi Professional C 10% serum

3. Easy on the BOOZE

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it sucks the hydration right out of your skin, leaving it dry and dull. I know this is a perfect ESCAPE season but do try to drink moderately Mama.

4. Never go to bed with makeup

Part of the reasons why you should go easy on the drinks is exactly this point lol… Your skin renews itself at night as you sleep and cannot do so effectively if it is clogged with impurities. Sleeping with make-up on also ages you up to 7 times faster. Any comments on this one lol…?


5. Don your Sun Hat & Sunglasses

These are no longer just fancy accessories, they can actually assist in protecting you from sun damage, wear a wide brimmed hat that covers your forehead, nose & ears. This should be fun with the variety of sun hats available out there.

6. Drink your water

Practice what your preach Mama. Water helps you maintain the moisture balance of your body and skin, and assists in detoxification. Make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. This will not only maintain the moisture, but also prevent you from dehydration during summer

 Summer doesn’t have to stop you from having fun, just be sunsmart and make many happy sun protected memories.


Love Dr. Cebi






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