During holidays most us like to host a few guests and maybe  finally more time to level up on our mommy and wifey duties! Never would I have imagined how all rounded strawberries may be in these holidays until I visited our fellow Mama Escapee Yoliswa Gumede, a strawberry farmer and co-owner of  Cappeny Estates  which is a  family owned strawberry farm situated in Ballito KZN. The farm offers amazing strawberry products and very cool lifestyle activities including strawberry festivals, strawberry picking tours and an events venue at their beautiful and rustic harvest house.  I don’t know about you Mama but this just screams ESCAPE galore to me!

Off course I wanted more for my house and that’s why I dashed to my closest supermarket and got all of their products, can I just share with you my gooses moment seeing the products in store shelves I just wanted to scream “excuse me, I know the lady behind this, actually I was at their farm just  3 days ago, I know exactly how all of this is prepared… “ lol… but composure kicked in immediately because such shouldn’t even be so rare among Mzansi own people,you feel me!?

Let me share with you an exciting insight on why you should have a berry Christmas.

granola for breakfast

Give me crunchy, I’m your best friend, I just love granola but I honestly haven’t tasted one this good, must be the taste of Mzansi’s own, this Baked Granola comes with so much add-ons that make you want to serve it for lunch and dinner altogether lol.. it’s easy to prepare and perfectly balances all nutrients needed for the first meal of the day. I soak it in milk for Sama so she can enjoy it nice and soft; my husband has it at home for brekfast and still carries it to work as a snack since it’s so full of grains and nuts that make it a perfect snack. So this means I don’t have to prepare a snack for him *wink* I carry a small jar as a snack myself.


Ever noticed how sweet most dried fruits are? Some of them you can even see the sugar coating that makes it so unpleasant to chew. I must say I really enjoy this Cappeny Estate Range, the sweet and sour taste of strawberries is so real it gives you lots of options to play around meaning you can use it more as an alternative if you happen not to have fresh strawberries in your kitchen. I recently tried it with plain yoghurt and honey, again so effortless for busy mamas like us, you can also make a nice and fruity smoothie, I look forward to trying that one for the kids these holidays and will use the same mix for ice lollies. Akere ke Summer days!


“Wave your hands across the land if we family, I know I jam I know I jam jam…” age exposed lol…

Kids love it, but Mamas approve it 100% if it’s not too sweet! We have a winner Mamas! I’ve been serving it with normal toast or My Little Piccolo squares and we just love it and like most kids Sama also licks it off and asks for more lol… I plan to make scones these holidays (yes, I said it I will bake lol) and I look forward to have the Jam with hot scones in the morning, hhaybo Mamas I don’t think my guests will want to leave my house these holidays. Cappeny Estate Strawberry Products will level up my hosting skills so bring on the visitors!!!


Welcome to the Ngcobo’s , introducing some colour to your snack platter this festive season with the Dried strawberry bar, roll them up and add to the nibbles, once again I like that it’s not rolled in sugar it very pleasant to snack on. A healthy yet very tasty treat for kids Sama thinks it’s sweets so this has become my life saver when she asks for sweets she is even surprised at mommy’s sudden kindness on sweets. I will have my nephew over for a few days and meet friend for some play dates, ho ho ho… Il be the most generous aunty in town lol… I carry this one in my bag always.

champaigne toppings

Ahhhhh…. did someone say holidays! What do you call a holidays without bubbly? Boridays! I can’t! I don’t  care if its sparkling wine, non-alcoholic or the full package bubbly must be served and what better way to garnish than the classiest of them all, strawberries!  Mamas can we not be served champagne with olives or cherry tomatoes this season please? lol Cappeny Estates have mouth watery and big strawberries that carry the sparkle in your champagne glass so beautifully.. ahhhh and thy bubbles shall ESCAPE with us Mamas lol….

There you have it honey! Head on to Cappeny Estates Strawberry Farm participating stores and have yourself and family a Very Berry Merry Christmas.

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