I was recently asked when last I had a breast cancer screening, Mama the embarrassment on my face realizing the year is almost over and I haven’t have them checked yet. Well, to my luck this question came along with an invite to partake an awesome campaign by Clarissa Cares

#AreYouAware is a campaign that aims at further raising awareness to women about the omnipresent and still life threatening disease.

The conversations around such issues cannot be ignored as it talks directly to and affects women of all colors, ages and walks of life.

We need to to be cognisicant always of the fact that somewhere in South Africa, there is a little girls who is blossoming into a woman and this future leader needs to be taught about various life threatening challenges that they might encounter so that they are armed with the knowledge of being able to deal with them.

Breast Cancer is the most common type cancer among South African women, with one in 31 women being diagnosed in her lifetime. 

A kick-off photo-shoot and meeting was held in Durban by Nomfundo Clarissa and the her team of  over 12 Durban’s influential women who have partnered for this campaign (This includes myself).

A room full of thriving women can shake the whole nation up… I definitely felt this at our kick off meeting and felt very honored to be part of such game changers listening to different stories by ordinary women who just won’t give up at anything.

What became the elephant an the room and that really lingered for the whole day in my heart as that “life gets in the way” we get so busy as moms and forget the most important aspects of life itself “health”. I fell very guilty about this one because I too would rather ESCAPE instead of making a doctor’s appointment for a check up, I even go to an extent of letting the flu filter itself out of my system without a doctor’s visit but I never miss my daughter’s consultations. Guilty much Mama?

Taking the awareness from the ground roots level, at Clarisa Cares will also be visiting 4 townships around Kwa-Zulu Natal for the duration of October, at these visits we plan to offer free breast exams in a mobile clinic.

Each visit will be paired with a counselling session by the best of doctors and social workers for women who are interested in participating. This means going beyond just a breast cancer awareness but life skills and other life threatening diseases that are mostly taken for granted.

Body Mass Index calculation – AreYouAware?

Blood Pressure – AreYouAware?

Blood Sugar – AreYouAre?

Breast Exam – AreYouAware?

You may have recently tested for these Mama, but if it’s been 6 months I would like to invite you on this free event below: 


Calling out all women, from all walk of life to visit us on 27th of October 2018 12pm -17pm.

Get to meet your favorite influential women in media while at it and witness health success stories from different women within your region.


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