coffee and phone off

Undeniably, having almost the whole world at the palm of my hands everyday is awesome! With each app. playing an important role to make life a little easier for Mama I’m talking shopping, cooking, planners, reminders, cameras.. you name it, I’ve got it lol.. While being online connects us with the external world, unplugging is by far the ultimate in connecting with our inner world. As thriving moms we need to re-set, re-adjust and re-focus as many times possible to stay aligned with our goals while playing house and maybe retain some energy to challenge ourselves beyond the norm. I’ve only done digital detoxing twice since I started blogging in 2017 this was my third and this time I thought I should share some tip!

Delete Toxic Apps and Contacts  

Our heads contain a lot of open tabs in a day , so does your phone, with this detox  your phone also gets to detox,  allowing you with more space and higher speed to get things done much faster on your phone and spent less time on it. This was an easy for me, I realized I had many apps that I last opened when I registered them, contacts I couldn’t even recognize and those that I simply decided to remove from my list, my phone is a breeze to navigate now.

Turn Off Push Notifications

If its urgent they will call, Period. You may find that you miss very little, and will have more time to do more with your life. If its business they will email or call ,they always do.


Leave Your Phone Out Of Your Bedroom

Using your phone alarm instead of an actual alarm clock can easily lead to opening those unusual texts from an rare senders. Whether its important or not you are tapping into everyone’s agenda and not yours, for emergencies  get a standby work phone and  share the same number with your immediate family.

Tell A Buddy

Just like your gym buddy this one will give you the eye when you get a buzz lol… mine was my husband and I got to even leave my phone at home  a couple of times which was really nice. Without even noticing it, some conversations will start taking a different turn then before and you might just be lucky to connect with people you’ve never really connected with before I love connecting with people but I like it better without the buzz.


Use Airplane Mode

Placing your phone upside down will NOT stop you from viewing it… come on now LOL… This mode is a sanity saver guys, I also find it to well deceiving because it makes you think that your phone is on normal operation mode watch your productivity with this mode. Winner!

Set A Screen Timer

Some phones come with phone usage tracking. when I switched mine on I realized a significant change during my digital detox week as opposed to normal weeks, if you need to logon to an app set a timer based on the task and make sure you stick to it. If you foresee a long conversation via text then rather call that person to reduce time. I try to reduce screen time with my daughter and honestly this time my voice felt more solid because I was practicing just that for myself.

Mindfulness note

Embrace Down Time

Did you know that 4 in 10 people suffer from text tilt back and neck injuries? Your ergonomics are continuously compromised from facing down at your phone all day, If that’s where my random back pain comes from then surely it will be a while before  it comes back because  I definitely embraced my down time, I didn’t text tilt for a while, I mastered my morning meditation unguided, I got to use my old cooking book, I read an actual newspaper , I sang myself silly and most importantly I listened to myself once again without distractions, the most meaningful and reassuring conversations came from within.

A week later later online people remain angry on Twitter, Happy on Facebook, Artistic on Instagram, Jobless on whatsaap, successful on Linkedin and single on Tinder. I urge you to try this even if you don’t think you need it… give me a date????

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