“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place look beautiful”

From intimate celebrations to presidential events. Our Mompreneur, Londiwe Ngcobo, one of South Africa’s well-known Events Planner and Director of Andimahle Building Events, lets us into her life as she builds an empire for her kids.


Andimahle Events is a complete events management company where they provide services to both the public and private sectors. They have been in business since 2008. Londiwe (Londy) has always had a passion for planning events and studied Marketing Management at Varsity. When she plans events, she gives her all. You may often see this Mama in red bottoms but when she’s at her most element she gets down and dirty to put life into her client’s event vision. She enjoys conceptualizing, designing and planning. “I guess you can call me that Mama who goes all out for a baker-baker school stall” haha....


While she acknowledges that there is no balance, Londy shares that routine and structure is everything to her as it has made her work and motherhood much easier for her to navigate. She takes us through her routine from the time wakes ups in the morning.

  • I meditate on the word of God,
  • Go to the gym
  • Drop off my kids at school,
  • Get ready to go to work from 10 am until 16:00 pm.
  • Back home, to help with homework and prepare dinner.
  • I then get ready to spend time with my husband, because we are both busy entrepreneurs, we’ve had to be more intentional in spending time together after dinner because often we still bring work at home and can easily neglect our quality time.

“I’m grateful to have help in my house whom collaboratively I run the household with, I thank her every day and honestly we wouldn’t feel half the warmth we have at home if it wasn’t for her willingness to take care of what may slip outside our means as parents”


Londy shares that running a business has its challenges, but it’s lovely that her children are learning to be strong-willed and hardworking from their own mom “I’m trying to build an empire for my children, a legacy to leave them with when I’m gone.” she says holding her hands close to her chest. Over the years Andimahle has evolved from just a small idea into a solid and large entity. if there’s one thing I have instilled in my kids where business I concerned it is to Believe In The Power Of a Dream” We shared a good laugh as Londy shares that her last born took this rather literal by telling her what he dreams of every single night including his nightmares – ha-ha Smart boy!


The Global pandemic has had a very negative impact on Andimahle, however Londy doesn’t believe in single income streams for dreams that are said to be “empires” so having other businesses has helped stabilize things. However, Andimahle had to reinvent the wheel and they have since introduced another wing @lmflorals which was very well received by clients and there is more in the pipeline – talk about resilience huh! well done Mama!

“I have always known that the events business is quite flexible but the pandemic taught me a great lesson in this regard”


“My personal idea of an ESCAPE is time away from everything on a vacation, unwinding, and sipping on a glass of wine. I love traveling to reward myself because I work very hard!”

Own it Mama! Moms who work hard deserve to play hard! Thank you so much for letting us into your life, we have learnt alot over the last few days and without a doubt we know that alot of moms will appreciate your take on Momprenuership!

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