“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Pumla Ketani, a single mother to a beautiful daughter founded Totally polished back in 2016. Because of her passion for clothes, Pumla has always loved and appreciated looking good and simply dreamt of sharing this with people.


Totally Polished is a clothing brand targeted at strong women to complement their bold, confidence, and elegantly chic nature.This is the kind of woman, that has inspired me and one I continuously strive to become and hopefully rub off to my daughter” Pumla shares.

What makes the brand stand out is definitely the fact that Pumla has a clear mind of who her target market is, she masters this by putting herself in her customers’ shoes. “I found that it is not enough to just understand your customers’ needs but also what drives and motivates them and, in that way, I’m able to create something that I too would personally feel good wearing”

This strategy has helped Pumla create a strong connection with a small customer base and one that is more dedicated to her brand. She shares that focusing on her niche market also makes it more effective to communicate and it gives her audience the attention they deserve.


“It’s so hard to dodge INCONSISTENCY no matter how hard one tries but I’ve made peace in that if I’m  still able to make a comeback then I can continue to feed both my passion and those I serve”.  Balancing the demands of single motherhood, her business, and a 9-5 HR specialist profession requires a lot of resilience and persistence. “its DAMN TOUGH but so WORTH IT!”

Because her attention is always so divided, her time with the mini Pumla is often compromised and she emphasized that like the rest of the Mamas she’s not perfect but she’s trying to be the best mom possible every single day. She makes time for her daughter and keeps to her commitments that she makes with her, “My baby girl gets that mommy is a busy bee, but she also knows that she can count on mommy” Pumla hopes her daughter’s learnings through this is that “you can have a million things to do but always make time for things and people that are important to you” now that’s what we call Balance Mama!

We also learned with great admiration that her daughter’s choices in fashion have inspired a Kid’s range for Totally Polished. How is that for inspiration MAMAS!? Very Well done Pumla.


The business has been impacted financially because of instabilities on her consumer’s income. Yet, this Mama has also been fortunate because her business is not her only means of income and it continues to operate since it is an online store. Pumla has never had a physical store but expresses how tough it has been for some of the clothing businesses with physical stores. “The world has become so digital that I would recommend that clothing small businesses owners look at moving towards this direction because it’s the future” We stan agility for mompreneurs!


For Pumla nothing beats having a happy and satisfied customer “ I receive so many reviews but one that really stood out was from a client that has been shopping with us since 2017 – “You are God sent in my life, I really don’t know what I would do without your brand” – this came right at the time when Pumla needed the motivation to keep her head up through all the juggle in her life. “These kinds of reviews make me feel more than just a fashion brand but rather a sister you can count on to feel totally polished through the juggle of your own life”


As a fellow Mama Escapee, Pumla was introduced to mamas ESCAPE CLUB IN 2019 at our JHB Zen Escape. “My ideal ESCAPE at the moment is going for a facial, if not, a weekend away just to zone out and enjoy some good wine” – THY SHALL ESCAPE MAMA!


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