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All things that are good for you in life are harder. Even Mamas time to ESCAPES is hard to make lol…

Life happens and Mama Days are not the same, we are bound fall short in our goals every now and again, the question is how far off the grid do we fall when we do slip? And how do we find strength to start the climb again. Today I share four life aspects that I find hard to maintain, I know you will relate to at least one and I hope we teach each other a thing or two on what shakes us out of the rut.


As I was chopping celery to make Sama’s snack on Sunday I took a bite and thought to myself ; I really don’t like celery sticks without hummus, but Sama enjoys it here you go nana” she murdered it!” My husband hates cherry tomatoes but would offer them to Sama anytime of the day until she feeds him back hahaha… Mind you, when we were still pregnant we promised to love all our veggies for the baby’s sake lol… we do, just not those two I guess. “This year I will run at least 3 times a week“ 1 month later “well, at least I walk once a week” lol.. yeahh right Mama.

TRY THIS – I started putting a picture of my body goals as my screen saver, I also deliberately bought lots of veggies so that I’m forced to make them before they go off. How do you shake this one off?


pink bag
shopping day

I HAD to” does that sound familiar? Last year I committed on a very powerful podcast I was listening to that I will recycle my clothes as much as possible, and I did very well actually until I started getting more social invitations from my @blaqmermaid public speaking and more friends had special celebrations “I HAD to”lol

 Then there’s emotional buying which is so hard to admit for us moms, how many times have you bought your child a toy or clothing items that they can live without but you knowingly buy it anyway haha… Sama got a lot of toys from Christmas but last week they had camping theme day at school and she was going on about camping and even made a small shelter from cushions under the staircase to make a camp tent. Over the weekend I got the Princess tent.

This one is quite broad, did I mentioned restaurant visits, take-away dinners, data bundles, online sales, gifts…. looorrddd!!

TRY THIS – It helps to plan in advance for gifts, take advantage of Pinterest for outfit ideas it helps a great deal in mixing things up and eliminate the need to buy, get uncapped data once and for all, online sales aren’t always that cheap. I’m still working on emotional buying for Sama, any tips?


its late
alarm clock
im late

This shouldn’t be applicable to us moms, what do you think? I mean half the time is not even under our control and people should understand that we have kids and will be delayed from time to time right?…. wrong….

Our church is a 10 minute drive from our home and starts at 09:00, when it’s just Sama and I attending we get ready at 08:30 we are usually late, when daddy joins us he insists we start getting ready at 08:00 we are never late. But you know what I have figured Mamas, we tend to get ready faster when there’s another adults going with because we don’t want to make them late but if it’s just us we don’t feel rushed and then Mr. Time takes advantage to embarrass us lol..

TRY THIS – Old trick – try to prepare the night before, always imagine the embarrassment when you walk in late with all eyes on you, always try to avoid the title “she’s never on time” by your friends lol… and lastly, I’m also trying to master this one; minus 30 min. from your initial getting ready time and surprise yourself.


pink heart
lock it down
heart padlock
pink padlock
cute locks

Toxic friends and family members, annoying colleagues and business associates, Mama how you deal can either drain you further or forever liberate you forever. Some people are very good at ending toxic relations (I noticed that men are more strong willed at this than us) while some (like me) will give infinite second chances. As busy moms we suffer time and patience limitations where exactly do we get the energy to tolerate more nonsense when we are already running on flicking red batteries lol…

TRY THIS –  In all social platforms , the sooner you confront your own social flaws and pay attention to the kind of person that you are, the better – We were all made different for a reason, learn to appreciate  and respect diversity then you notice the noise will quietening down.

That’s it from me Mama, I’m interested to know how you relate to this post and what works for you?

What stirs Mama up currently?
Is it a struggle to get fit?
Start your dream business?
To just get a break?
Do you want to share your success story?
A funny story about motherhood?
Relationship matters?
Sometimes all it takes is that one step to connect, be heard and feel supported.
Speak your mind here.
We look forward to your kind of Escape!