Hey Mamas! meet Dr. Lolwethu @fitmom_struggles (31) mother of Iminathi (Imi) a 1 year old baby girl.

When I saw her page I thought to myself, since life won’t let me have such a great body I will at least admire those Mamas who have achieved their body goals. Then I followed her and literally 3 days after, I was driving to work parallel to this lady who looked rather chilled following very slowly moving traffic, our eyes met and I promise you we if we could, we would have jumped for each other lol… Ever since then we’ve chatting and I’m grateful that she agreed to do the first Escape Trick feature for us.

Let’s start with a typical day for you at home, whats does it look like?

  • I’m up at 4am to prepare meals for my baby and hubby

  • Hit the gym at 05h30

  • Start work at 08h00 and finish at 16h00

  • I get home and prepare supper, my nanny has usually cut up the vegetables and defrosted the meat, so as to save time. We usually eat supper at 18h30. (I prepare meals in bulk for 2 days – the days that I’m not cooking, I use to spend time, catch up with my husband.)

  • Then spend time with Imi: bath, play with her, read story book and pray, she sleeps around 20h00.

  • I am usually dead tired and passed out by 21h00.

What has been the worst day of motherhood for you and how did you recover from it?

  • When Imi was sick for the first time with gastro (vomiting, diarrhoea) and had such a bad nappy rash; luckily my grandmother was here to support me through it.

When you are down and insecure it’s easy to imagine that you are being judged for your short comings, how do you snap out of that zone?

  • I usually talk & cry to my gym buddy and friend (Zama), she always picks me up, motivates me and reminds me that I am doing a good job as a wife, mom and as a doctor.

Being emotionally exhausted means that you constantly feel like you are catching up and never getting ahead, how good are your planning skills? Do you stick to a schedule at all?

  • I keep multiple ‘To-do’ lists on my phone, because I forget easily.

  • I’m good at planning, but it is really hard to stick to a rigid schedule

  • I used to always feel guilty and overwhelmed trying to balance life, family and work.

  • But I have learnt to be patient with myself and that I can’t control everything.

  • I take it one day at a time.


Please share with us your ESCAPE TRICK an activity helps you unwind and unplug from the motherhood madness and why you would recommend it to other moms.

Life as a mom & wife can be hectic, it’s very important to take care of yourself and love yourself first. Here are my escape tricks:

  • Exercise is my NUMBER ONE ESCAPE from the motherhood madness – it improves my mood, makes me happy, helps me to relax, leaves me energised, reduces stress and improves my self-confidence and body image.

  • A long warm bath with Epsom salt, after putting Imi off to bed.

  • Doing my Nails – especially pedicure with foot message relaxes me and then the bright colored nail polish also uplifts my mood.

  • Going for spa message and facial – great time out self-pampering

Your support cycle, who are they and how do you show them appreciation for enabling you with a break.

I am blessed to have a good nanny for Imi

and My husband , we don’t have any family here in Durban.

What message would you give an overwhelmed mom who wants to be better and do better in life.

Take care of yourself 1st mama, before trying to take care of everyone else.

More Please MAMA…..

  • Your dream Escape? Seychelles

  • Favorite Escape Destination – We went to Mauritius in June, I loved it, would love to go back.

  • Best memories before becoming a mother – We used to sleep in on weekends, now that Imi is here, that’s a thing of the past.

  • Your not so favorite chores in the house? Washing dishes (I love cooking but dread dishes)

  • Best part of about being a mother – Breast feeding Imi, cuddling her soft body and she stares into my eyes and touches my face.

Thank you Mama, do connect with Loli (such a cute name) to get more tips on how she does it all. 



What stirs Mama up currently?
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